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Trial order:- BSY NoniMagic Dark Brown 1 sachet OR BSY noni black hair magic 1 sachet

RM 6.99

Trial order:

BSY noni black hair magic 1 sachet

This is a trial order  1 sachet of bsy noni black hair magic 

If you want to know our genuine product, good for you to get this trial order before you buy the box

 A good color comes when mixed with one packet of bsy noni black hair magic. Application of the brown is good for the hair strands and that will give the brown shine. 

The grey will turn slightly brownish (henna original color) , so for the hair roots, it is good to add a little of the black . If your hair is full with grey, then the color will comes out lighter brown.

 Prolong usage after few application, will turn the hair darker brown range gradually,

Note to use our original products for own safety. 

For your knowledge and for our responsibility to let the public knows about the FAKE BSY NONI BLACK HAIR MAGIC in the market. Kindly check the images below. We need to protect the interest of public, the genuine BSY users, the manufacturer, our honest partner distributors, our honest dealers and honest resellers. 

What are the fake packaging that are circulating widely in the market?

Look at the images below.

this is fake and claimed original. We are very concerned and the quantity that is the market is alarming.

We will be grateful very much if you can support the GENUINE BSY NONI BLACK HAIR MAGIC whether you are buyers or sellers. 

Supporting FAKE BSY NONI PRODUCTS especially the BSY NONI BLACK HAIR MAGIC is violating the infringement of trademark, causing distress to the market, endanger ownself.So far we have already received more than 11 complaints and that these are buyers who do not know they have been using the fake BSY noni black hair magic for all these while. Some of the FAKE gives you immediate bad effects and reflect the bad quality very prominently. Some of the FAKE only react after using for 6 months or 1 year before you see the bad effects. That depends on the health condition base to base cases. And all these complainants thought that we are responsible but as  actually they did not know they have been using the FAKE BSY noni black hair magic all these while.


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