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We accept all wire transfer  , Paypal (which accepts all master cards and visa card), moneygram, Western Union and banker's cheque.

A. We encourage you to pay via Paypal. If you would like to Pay via Western Union, please contact us. Paypal accepts credit cards, debit cards, or even can pay via email.

For Paypal,

1. Get the amount that is stated for the items you want to purchase 

2. Click on the paypal for payment. 

3. Choose using own paypal account ( situated on the top) or using credit card or debit card (fill out the details on the space given)

4. Click and that the payment is done.

5. A notification of payment will be sent to your email address.

6. Paypal will automatically notify us.

7. We will send you the goods 

For other online transfer, you can use the options here

1. Cimb bank 


Account Number :- 8600216265

Swiftcode:-  CTBBMYKL

Personal Cheques are not accepted.

Kindly send us the receipt as proof of payment to [email protected]


1. Please take note that for any payment that is made our of Malaysia,bank transferred can only be made when you have signed up as a member and state the order id and the product that you have transferred.

2. Any payment that is made via bank transferred must be notified to us via email [email protected]

3. Payment receipt must be sent to us via email to [email protected] with the name, time and date transferred. We will not entertain any links,file attached that contain mallicious files or viruses.

4. We would encourage all to pay via Paypal. In any case that you would prefer a bank transfer, kindly notify us before payment is made.
This must include the product,the price and the order id. Only members with the required details will be entertained.

Thank you