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Collagen Eye Masks with natural Collagen X 50

RM 29.90

Collagen Crystal Eye masks
Collagen Crystal Eye Mask (20 pieces)
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An innovative transparent patch composed of mainly  pure natural extracts and collagen. The absorption is 98% effective and offer 10 times the moisture than the ordinary mask  in only 10 - 20 minutes.
Contains collagen,natural whitening essence and vitamins mot only moisturising the skin but also to whitens and tightens the pores and removes wrinkles and eye bags.
How to us
1. Clean and dry face
2. Open the foil and immediately place at below the eyes following the outline of the mask.
3. Leave for 30 minutes or wear while you sleep (not more than 12 hours)
4/ Remove patch and discard. Do not reuse.


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