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Double Stem Cells phytoscience beauty care X 100

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Double Stem Cell

We have the newest stem cell formulation 

DOUBLE PHYTOCELL StemCell ™ is a combination of Swiss newest PhytoCellTec ™ MalusDomestica (Apple stem cells) with tecnology from Switzerland PhytoCell ™ Solar Vitis (grapes stem cells).
PhytoCellTec is fortified with Acaiberry and blueberry. Double Phytocell stem cell activates the cells in the whole body leaving the body active and energetic.
Suitable for men and women.
PhytoCellTec ™ MalusDomestica - a careful extract from apple fruit,  
Uttwiler Spatlauber from Switzerland planted since the 18th century. Phytocell has the ability to revive and cures oneself and making the fruits and vegetables last longer.
This species is facing extinction, very sour and not favorable to many people.
A group of scientist from the Mibelle Biochemistry has proven that extracts with the concentration level of 0.1% from PhytoCellTec ™ able to give inspiration to many stem cells in the body a recovery and rejuvenation almost to 80% !!!  
This is not the same apple green apple you see in the market.
It contains very high antioxidant, such as if the apple is left on the ground, it will not rot or decay for 4 to 6 months.And any form of bruises on the apple shows recovery.
Who are the ones using Phytocell Double Stem Cells?
Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez and Helen Mirren.
PhytoCellTec ™ Solar Vitis -extract from the grapes toCellTec TM Solar Vitis - from the Gamay grapes named Teniturier Freaux. Gamay is the grape from Burgundy, France. It contains very high antioxidants which is effective to remove toxic and to resist against the UV light.
It rejuvenates and stimulates the new cells to in case of UV.
Consider as a 'beautician' prove that from Amazon. Acai makes the body more energy.High in Antibacteria. It has five times the antioxidants than ginkgo and more that 33 times the antioxidants of red wine. PhytoCell am also contains amino acids, natural minerals and vitamins A, B1 and E.


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