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GIW Noni Facial Soap X 2 pieces

RM 36.00

100% Organic Giw noni  Facial soaps
- A newest formula with 100% organic (plant base) to overcome problematic skin.
The main ingredients of the Sapphire Moor is the Noni extract, black mud, lavender, tea tree oil, goat's milk, and chamomile. 
  Why you should try Sapphire Moor?
1. to balance the pH of the skin
2. to remove blackheads, whiteheads and also to relieve sensitive skin
3. to reduce the scars, acne and pigmentation on the skin
4. to reduce wrinkles on the face
5. to solve problems related to skin diseases such as psoriasis, stretchmarks and others
6. to whiten the face naturally without chemicals 
7. skin is more supple and smooth.
8. to even the color of the skin.
9. safe to use for very sensitive skin including babies.


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