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High quality Nutracellx Eye Luv U

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Nutracellx EYE LUV U

Modern lifestyle is potentially hazardous to the eye:

A lifestyle inseparable with TV and computers could causes severe Myopia.

Over-worked eyes will cause blurred vision before middle age.

What is the solution to fast aging eyes?

The 2 Main Amazing Ingredients:

Astaxanthin ~ Strong anti-oxidation

Hawaiian Astaxanthin is extracted using advanced technology, and it is one of the first microalgae to be discovered on Earth. It is a deep red-coloured phytonutrient synthesized by microalgae called Haematococcus Pluvialis, which grows on the pristine coast of

Kona. Astaxanthin is the main food for salmon, lobster, crab, flamingo, etc. Over 500 scientific studies have proven that the living organism which feeds on astaxanthin is appearing to have natural, bright pinkish-red hue. Astaxanthin has powerful anti-inflammatory

nutrients and contains 10 times the carotene of any other plants.

Lutein ~ Sharpen your eyesight

Lutein is a natural occurring carotenoids that exists in fruits and vegetables.

Lutein can screen our eyes from harmful blue light, offers protection against oxidation, and therefore holds special importance for the eye.

 The intake of the lutein into the body is distributed to two parts of the eye:

1. Retina and macular area;

 2. Eyes lens.

Research show that the high amount of lutein intake, may help to reduce the risk of age related macular degeneration and reduce other vision conditions. It also protects the retina from damages caused by intense light.

Red Raspberry Extract

Red Raspberry consists of a large number of polysaccharides and vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the effective constituents of synthetic proteins, and its anti-oxidant properties can prevent free radicals from harming the cells, thereby preventing cell mutation. It gives you healthy, radiant skin.

Raspberry Extract

Anti-virus properties ~ can inhibit the activeness of hemagglutin on the surface of viruses, lowers the chances of massive reproduction of viruses in the body.

Strawberry Extract

Strawberry extract contains anthocyanidin, which is an anti-oxidant that helps fight inflammation and tumours. In fact, strawberries appear to be red because of anthocyanidin.

Elderberry Extract

Besides skin-tightening and anti-inflammatory properties, the tannin found in Elderberry Extract also has anti-bacterial properties, and has significant effects on the inhibition of acne.

Blackcurrant Extract

It is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, of which linoleic acid is most prominent; and has uses such as lowering blood pressure and blood cholesterol, and prevents atherosclerosis. It also prevents the clotting of platelets and lowers serum cholesterol. Furthermore, it increases the synthesis of linoleic acid and softens blood vessels, therefore is a great regimen for cardiovascular diseases.

Cranberry Extract

Biochemical experiments have found that the anti-oxidant substances found in cranberries can effectively inhibit the oxidizing effects of low-density lipoproteins (LDL, a.k.a bad cholesterol) in our body.

Blueberry Extract

The anthocyanidin found in blueberries have effects such as retina activation, and can improve eyesight and prevent eye fatigue. Blueberries are also rich in vitamin C, and can strengthen heart functions, prevent cancer and heart diseases. They are also able to prevent the deterioration of cranial nerves and improve brain functions.

Green Apple Extract

Green apple extract contains carbonated water which is rich in various types of minerals, and can penetrate the epidermal skin,

allowing the skin to replenish its water content at times of water loss, hence achieving the water-balance.

Wolfberry Extract

Wolfberries nourish the liver and kidneys, and also sharpen our eyesight. It is used when one is deficient of kidney essence, has

sore knees and waist, has buzzing in the ears and dizziness, inner heat and immense thirst, anemia and low blood pressure, and when one has problems with his eyesight.

Grape Seed Extract

Oligomeric Proanthocyanidines, or OPCs have extremely good anti-oxidant properties which are 20 times effective than that of vitamin C, and 50 times that of vitamin E.

Instructions :

Mix one sachet into 150 ml of mineral water/filtered water and stir well. To be consumed daily before meal .

In 15 minutes will be absorbed into the blood and organs, and in 30 minutes will be absorbed into the eyes.


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