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Opa Slim(TM) a new revolution of slimming using green coffee extracts for extra effects

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OPA BEAUTY for Slimming with OPA SLIM with More Volume and more Strength 
 A) Technology Korea believed 
Designed by more than 30 experts from the Seoul International Research Slimming, undergo 4 years of extensive research to create the final work. OPA  SLIM is a revolutionary product yield and high efficiency natural body and safe to use, as evidenced by the amazing results with remarkable fat loss.
B) Experimental Thousands, Thousands of praise 
OPA SLIM  has been proven effective by thousands of volunteers andconsumers through outstanding achievements 97.53% success rate.
C) Slimming Products specifically for Asians 
OPA SLIM researched and developed based on the Asian diet, lifestyle, andphysiological position, using only natural plant extracts with high quality standards. It does not produce side effects such as anorexia, dizziness and vomiting. admirable slimming products eligible for Asian consumers who suffer obesity problem!
Contains green coffee extracts for a better slimming effects naturally. A hot sensation can be felt after a few minutes of applications. The degree of hotness depends on the thickness of the skin and the fatty layers below the skin.
Not suitable on the face, private parts,armpits,anus and neck.
Application only on the limbs which are the arms and legs and the abdominal area or whichever part that are not the parts mentioned above.
How to use?
1. Shake  the bottle and to make sure the ingredients are mixed well.
 2. Press and allow the mousse to release from the nozzle. If it is watery please shake again before using.
3. Apply on the affected part and rub until all the mousse is absorbed into the skin.
4. Keep the bottle upright and at cool place after used. 
 5. Use 2-3 times a day after bath. If you have sensitive skin, please wash off after used. If you do not find your skin irritated, then you can leave overnight before wash and applied again.   


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